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26th February 2021

Guest Blog: No Exam? How do we know they have improved?

Charlotte at CDP Dance has kindly shared another guest blog with us, all about exams (or lack of) and why that is okay.

I’m often asked “if there’s no exam, how do they know they’ve improved?”  This always irritates me as a piece of paper with a grade doesn’t prove anything!  

I know there was 1 ballet exam that I failed but that doesn’t mean I haven’t improved!  I then went to University afterwards and now run my dance school, no one would know that I failed that 1 ballet exam all that counts from a parents point of view is that I have a dance degree and the relevant insurance. 

CDP Dance is the only dance school in the area that doesn’t offer the traditional exam route.  Our education system puts so much pressure on young people that it was an obvious choice to not offer exams.  I understand that from a parent and student point of view it is nice to have that certificate that says you’ve passed a certain level.

I have 1 student, who balance has always been a challenge in the 7/8 months that they have attended my classes they can now balance on either side.  They’re confidence has also grown in this time, they now come running into class and even make up their own dance moves at home which they then show me.

Recently I posted the above picture and one of my twitter followers responded  “The end result should never focus on exams.  Enjoy the journey.”  I know that my current students parents love the fact that my classes are all fun and pressure free.

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