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23rd January 2021

Guest Blog: Stop: That is really bad for you

Today, the lovely Charlotte at CDP Dance is guest blogging for us about noticing how your child sits.

When I had my hip injury the first question I was asked was had I ever said in a W.  They were checking the rotation ability in my hip. 

To my knowledge I had never been able to but my parents found footage of me doing it when I was a baby.

Sitting like this can cause problems with the hips and knees later in life as the hip is a ball and socket joint and the knee is a hinge joint so they’re not designed to take this amount of strain and pressure.

To me that position even as an image looks uncomfortable.  Some people will look at a child and think “wow you’re flexible”  but not knowing that it’s causing strain on the joints.  Whilst it is still unclear the amount of damage/problems this position can cause it is still advised to encourage your child to sit in a position that puts less strain/pressure on these joints.

If your child likes to sit on the floor whilst drawing or watching tv get them to sit cross legged instead as its the natural way that the hip and knee are designed to fold.

For more of Charlotte’s blogs or if you looking for dance lessons head over to her website at:

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