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26th February 2021

Collab: A Natural Photography Experience with Eileen Cowles Photography

On a chilly but sunny Saturday, we were very excited to meet Eileen at Worcester Woods who invited us to experience a photoshoot with a difference.

This photoshoot was child led and entirely appropriate for my 4 and 6 year old girls. Before we got started, Eileen sat down with the whole family to have a chat with the girls. It was here we met Bert (the pumpkin) and Ernie (the squash) who accompanied the girls during their photoshoot. I loved this touch; it really relaxed the girls before any photos were taken and help them engage with Eileen straight away.

From here, we headed for a walk down into the woods with my six-year proudly carrying Bert to find somewhere to put him in the woods. This is how most of the photoshoot continued, it was entirely led by the girls. Eileen would give the girls the odd prompt, like how about we find somewhere to sit or where would Bert like to perch. From here she let them explore and make their own decisions about which paths to take and the photos were taken around all these experiences. Eileen was telling me that she sometimes joins in with the fun including rolling down a hill, to get that beautiful, natural shot.

My girls were really taken with Eileen and they happily chatted away about everything they liked to do. Eileen is also a school teacher with ten years’ experience in education which really shined through during our session. My youngest in particular can find new situations and people difficult, but Eileen really understood and was able to respond to my little one’s needs, even when she was being a bit stubborn which led us to meeting another more cuddly friend (who you may see featured in the photos). You could really see she wanted to bring out the best in the children she photographs.

I was impressed with the Covid-safe measures that were taken. Eileen, had antiseptic spray and wipes handy which were used on Bert, Ernie and our soft friend. Worcester Woods was quite busy that Saturday morning but we were able to find plenty of space to socially distance.

I will let the photographs we received speak for themselves and you will see a few of them here and also on my Instagram. We loved meeting Eileen, she is extremely personable and you could tell she was having fun with the girls too. I would very much recommend you head over to Eileen’s website and Instagram to see all the photoshoots with different age groups she features.

Useful Information

This package would normally cost £99 for a 45 minute session.

We went to Worcester Woods on the outskirts of Worcester. This is a great location for a photoshoot or just to generally have fun (my girls couldn’t get enough of the playground). The Orchard Café also has a great reputation. Toilets and a takeaway kiosk are available too. Eileen can travel around Worcestershire to get the best location for your shoot.

For more information about Eileen Cowles Photography and what packages are on offer, head over to her Facebook or Instagram.

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