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23rd January 2021

Review and Giveaway: The Boing Boing Bushes, A Pasta Kidz and Petz Adventure

Line up! Line Up for the Pasta Games….. We were invited to enjoy the latest book in the Pasta Kidz series and let you all know what we thought.

This series of books is designed with younger readers in mind. The books are brightly illustrated and introduce you into the magical Pastaworld which even has its own language. Each story has a fun but subtle moral message.

Our story was all about the fun of the Pasta Games where Camilla and Felxi played Pastaball and catching a wild Boing Boing Bush. However the mean Pasta Beasties came along to ruin their fun.

“Cana cay! A brilliant idea! said Camilla”

The story was a fairly simple one but great to keep younger kids engaged. These books contain their own language of the Pasta Kids, some of it was a bit of a tongue twister but the girls (especially my youngest) thought it was hilarious. We enjoyed making silly noises with all the words – especially “Boing!”.

On the whole this book is mainly fun silliness. My 2 year old loved this the most and we loved pretending to be one of the Pasta Kidz and imagining what the Pasta Games would have been like.

The Boing Boing Bushes is out now and retails with a RRP of £4.99.

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