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24th January 2021

Review: Attwell Farm Park (post lockdown)

Continuing our trips revisiting places since they have reopened following lockdown, me and my four year old headed over to our local farm, Attwell Farm Park near Redditch. We have been coming to Attwell Farm Park for a few years now and enjoyed seeing how its expanded over this time. Like our first visit resulted in an unexpected hello from one of the animals (a cow), so did this, but more on that later. 

So first, what has changed about entry. We pre-booked our tickets online in advance, you can risk not booking but you will not be permitted entry if the maximum capacity has been reached. There is free parking on site on arrival and the car park is a reasonable size. You have to enter through the indoor area so a mask is required (unless exempt) on entry. There is sanitiser available at the door and there are screens at the reception area. We decided to purchase a couple of bags of animal feed at £1 each. You can pay by contactless. 

We decided to head out to see the animals first and give them a bit of breakfast. There are number of animals which were mainly outside at the moment. There are signs telling you which animals you can feed and which ones to feed at a distance. My little lady was not too sure about feeding the animals out of her hand at first but was soon making friends with a couple of goats. From here we head over to say hello to the donkeys (who we couldn’t feed), really fluffy sheep and llamas. We then went to see the birds including the emus and geese which is where we (or I) made our mistake. There are signs letting you know how to feed the birds but placing the feed into their pens as they will peck your hands. So in my wisdom, I picked up my four year old so she could throw the feed in and her leg was too close to the pen leading to quite a nasty peck on the leg. Understandably, she didn’t really want to see the animals anymore so we headed over to the big red fire engine.

If you haven’t been to Attwell Farm Park, the fire engine is one of my girls highlights. It is an actual proper fire engine and you can even sit inside and pretend to drive around. We then had to use the hoses to put out the fire (don’t worry there is no actual water) and save the chicken who laid some eggs in the fire engine. This helped my little one realised not all the bird were going to try and eat her leg and she happily used the rest of our animal feed on the chickens. Also in this area was one of the biggest bulls I have ever seen – luckily well away in his pen. 

It was time for refreshment and a play so it was time to head inside for soft play (whilst the mummies had a cuppa). The soft play is nicely organised with children only in the older area (although parents can enter the baby and toddler area). It is closed every two hours for cleaning. There were plenty of tables available and I saw people cleaning them down regularly. You need to wear masks inside including to buy refreshments but can remove them to eat and drink. I think the only downside is that the soft play is a bit on the big side for younger children especially if you are sat further away. There is a younger area though for those who need more supervision. 

We also tried out the outdoor play areas. First the big cushions (well the little one tried this not me but had fun). The numbers are limited but it is not supervised so relies on people obeying the rules. There is also an outdoor play area with swings and slides which we played on for a little while too. 

There is a small indoor area with smaller animals like rabbits. It is one way and masks are required. You can no longer handle the animals in this area. 

We also had a quick go on the cars. These cost £1 per ride, per car. I found out that my daughter is no driver and I ended up having to drive for her – she still had good fun though. 

We had time for a quick lunch before leaving. Prices are fairly standard for a farm cafe. Food is served in disposable containers and with disposable cutlery. I had to sample some of the chocolate brownie which was extremely yummy. There were lots of other cakes to be tempted by too. 

So what safety measures have been put in place. There are one way areas and masks are required inside. There are plenty of sinks to wash hands and sanitiser throughout. It was tricky to have appropriate distance in the toilets if someone else was there. 

We enjoyed this visit as much as always and hoping that they release some annual passes again soon so we can visit more often.  

For more information and how to book head over to their website.


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