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23rd January 2021

REVIEW: Creativity and Chataways

I am one of those parents who would love to be one of these free spirited mums where paints, glue and glitter are flowing. However, I then lose my nerve and chicken out (or send the girls outside to paint when it is sunny). So when I first found out about Creativity where you can go arts and crafts crazy but not have to worry about the mess I knew I had to pay a visit.

So it was a chilly Friday when my hubby had a rare day off we thought we would take our youngest for a visit. Situated in a small business unit in Tardebigge, Creativity is close to where I live and there were plenty of spots to park. Costing £6 per child for a two hour session, we did not book in advance but there is the option to do this online.

We had a really friendly greeting and were showed where everything was including plenty of aprons to keep your little one’s clothes clean and a sink to wash up afterwards. Being a chillier day in term time, there were only a couple of other families there which allowed for plenty of time for my two year old, S to get used to what was going on. Seeing that S was quite unsure, we were guided to the rainbow rice as a way to get started. What a great recommendation and it really allowed S to settle in and see what there was to offer.

From there we went to try some of the arts and craft activities on offer. There were three activities set up with the correct pieces being set out on separate tables for each craft.

It was a farm theme when we visited and we started with crafting our own sheep. It was the first time I let my little girl loose with scissors and it made it so much easier knowing that I did not have to worry about what else was lying around or any mess as everything is set up so well (other than her own hair but luckily I was able to stop the impromptu hair cut). Using glue and cotton wool we soon got into the swing of crafting and it even looked like a sheep.

From there S decided to go play with the kitchen which also contained real fruit and vegetables to make us a pretend meal before we got started on more crafting. I noticed that one activity included paint and thinking that it would likely need to dry before we left we headed over next to make our pig. S loved painting the cup that formed the pig’s head and didn’t want to leave it to dry before we stuck the pieces on. With my new free spirited self in mind I let S have free reign over forming the pig’s face resulting in what I would call an abstract version of a pig which is now taking pride of place on my mantlepiece. There are handily places and pegs for your crafts to dry whilst you enjoy the rest of the area.

We then explored the cardboard barn in the corner of the room which featured craft made pigs and eggs and real hay bales. There were even cut out holes that you could put your faces in and pretend to be a farmer.

Last up was a cow’s face. The pieces had already been cut out and we were given all the parts to put it together. This is where I could let S let loose with the glue and I was surprised how quickly she caught on with the bits and pieces that needed to be glued.

Whilst we left our items to dry we enjoyed some of the other bits and bobs in the room. There is a small area with baby items and bumbo for younger children not crafting (which my two year old still made a bee-line for). There are features including felt walls, threading practice, pulling ribbons and counting carrots which we tested and enjoyed. However S kept returning to the rainbow rice which she had a wonderful time with pouring it into cups and running her hands through (and I quite enjoyed it too – very therapeutic). I noticed that they did have it on sale but unfortunately my newly found free spirited self was not that brave, maybe next time.

We fit plenty into our session and there was facilities to clean ourselves up when we had finished. As we left we were kindly offered a paper bag to take our newly crafted goodies home with us to avoid any mess from glue or paint – definitely a touch we appreciated.

As it was lunch time we decided to combine our trip to a visit to Chataways next door. This is a tiny café whose Facebook always features lots of yummy cakes and drinks so I wanted to take advantage of being nearby. We had another super friendly greeting whilst we inspected the menu.

There was a handy booster seat for S and also toys to keep her busy whilst we waited. We opted for the children’s meal consisting of a sandwich, crisps, grapes and a drink (I later found out that there is an offer meaning you can save money on this by getting a combined ticket at Creativity). Me and the hubby opted for hot chocolates which were much needed in this chilly weather and paninis.

I liked that the kids meal was prepared first meaning that S did not get restless waiting to be fed (although the speed she gobbled down her chocolate spread sandwich meant she soon started stealing my panini 🙂 ). The hot chocolates were yummy although I think I could have done with a bigger cup (but that is probably just me being greedy). Being a small café, we did have to wait a little bit for our paninis but they came piping hot and were yummy. This rounded up our morning nicely before we went home for S’s nap before the school run.

I would recommend both Creativity and Chataways and I am looking forward to our next visit.

Essential Information

Price: £6 per child / £3 per active baby

Address: Unit 30/31 The Barns, Hewell Lane, Tardebigge B60 1LP



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