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23rd January 2021

REVIEW: Habberley Trail

Today was an exciting day, it was my first review of somewhere new since lockdown began. I was invited to Habberley Trail’s opening weekend, which was perfect timing as my girls have been starting to get a bit too use to the relaxed life that lockdown bought. 

Habberley Trail is located a short way outside Kidderminster (look out for the sign to find the short track to the café and entrance). The trail is a 42 acre route through countryside where you come across fun and exciting activities to enjoy as you wander. Tickets are £5 per person with children under 5 being free currently bookable in timeslots (although I understand that this may change once the Covid restrictions are reduced). 

Other than the view (which is simply fantastic and worth the journey alone), the first thing that struck me was how friendly and enthusiastic the staff were. Everyone we met treated us as a friend and they clearly enjoyed the trail as much as anyone who visited.  

Most of you with young kids may know, getting them enthused about being more active is always a bit tricky. There was no such problem here, we had barely entered and they did not know which direction to run. When we entered there were several fun games at the start to try from Total Wipeout style jump game, to pushing the lit buttons and strategy games. It almost felt like we had walked onto the set of the Krypton Factor (outdoor style) and I am not sure who had most fun – us adults or the kids. We were also reassured by several bottles of hand gel which were available by most attractions as some did involve touching parts of them. 

As these games were all the entrance, it did get a little busy with people entering during their timeslots. So when we could drag the kids away, we ventured up to the next feature. There are loads of different activities to enjoy – some were a little scary for my 3 and 6 year old (who are not the bravest to be honest). Just a few to name are lots of different types of swings, a bridge with a little surprise, what is said to be the biggest seesaw in Europe (which was my 3 year olds favourite) and a huge slide. There were lots for the big kids (like me) to enjoy too, I found out my netball skills have not faded after 20 years on the basketball challenge and we had a great game on 2 on 2 football. There are some features that say under 21s only but there was plenty for us grown ups to have fun with. I also heard a group of young teenagers absolutely raving about what they were doing and the competitions they were having against each other so this is definitely not just for young kids. I was told that all the activities are designed and made by the owners and you can really see the fun has been thought out with everything here. We described it as a cross between a Victorian fairground (as many activities are self propelled) and games at a fairground (without the need to pay per game).  I won’t ruin too much but there are a couple of photos below of some of things we enjoyed the most.

The trail is marked out by white posts and covers quite rough terrain. I did see a couple of pushchairs there but I wouldn’t recommend it as there are some steep hills and tricky paths to pass through. I would take water, especially on a hotter day as you are being very active whilst exploring and will get thirsty. There is nowhere to buy drinks around the route and from what I could see the only toilets were in the cafe. There are some areas off limits and it is a big area so you do need to keep a closer eye on younger children or those who may wander. 


The last path runs up quite a steep hill to the café which is a welcome sight for some light refreshment. Having build up an appetite, it was only right that we tried out what the cafe had to offer. It is worth noting that you can access the cafe without going around the trail and again, the view from the cafe is fantastic. The cafe offers sandwiches, hot drinks, cake and ice cream on table service only at present time due to restrictions. This understandably means that there can be some delays and I think it is something that the staff are still getting used to but it was definitely service with a smile despite being so busy. The staff were so friendly and keen to chat about your favourite areas of the trail. I enjoyed my sandwich which was a good size with salad and crisps. The hubby was a little disappointed that they had run out of sausages but a cheese sandwich and a slice of victoria sponge made up for it. Me and the girls had a yummy chocolate cake each but there are a great choice of cakes for every taste. 

I have been told that there are lots of plans for the trail to include moonlight romantic dining with a view to pizza festivals. There will also be annual memberships offered in the future so keep your eye out for more.

Entry: £5 each (under 5s free)

Parking: Free onsite

Address: Habberley Trail, Habberley, Kidderminster. DY11 5RF

More information here


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