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22nd January 2021

Review: Stratford Butterfly Farm

It can be a real struggle to find an attraction which you can enjoy come rain or shine. At Stratford Butterfly Farm a visit feels like a tropical holiday. With that in mind, I was glad that me and the girls had many layers we could remove after we had entered and the heat hit us.

Stratford Butterfly Museum is a little gem in the centre of Stratford upon Avon. It has been some years since my last visit and I was really pleased to see that the farm had been refurbished and had some great new additions.

As I mentioned the heat hits you as soon as you enter through the curtains. It was useful to now see a small cloakroom in the entrance although it is worth noting that this is not manned so I would not leave any valuables there.

Upon entering you can see hundreds of different butterflies. I was unsure how my eldest would take to them but she was fascinated by all the different colours and loved it when they landed on us. She quickly went over to the feeding station where butterflies were feasting on cut oranges for a closer look. Her favourite was the black and pink one.

Butterflies feasting on fruit

The little one, Sienna got a bit of a shock when a big butterfly flew into her face and did need a little cuddle to get over it. So we decided to move on to the area with the caterpillars and chrysalises. Arya (the big one) and George (her friend) had a wonderful time looking at all the plants to see where the caterpillars were. It was also a welcome breather as it was a bit cooler in this area.

We were lucky enough to catch the handling session were we were introduced to millipedes and cockroaches (they did not have names so Arya decided to call the cockroach Summer). George was the bravest and was eager to hold a millipede whilst Arya was happy just watching. To my surprise, Arya was keen to hold a cockroach and said his legs tickled. After that there was no stopping her also wanting to hold a millipede. Personally I am not a fan of so many legs so I gave the handling a miss but was really proud of my girl for giving it a go and she loved it. This was probably helped by the two handlers who were exceptionally friendly telling Arya and George all about the creatures and taking the time to make sure they understood how to hold them safely.

These kids are braver than I am

It was at this point we decided to let the toddlers stretch their legs and they could safely walk around (with supervision) and look at the plants a ground level. Sienna was starting to get over her earlier shock and really liked looking at the butterfly chrysalis in the cabinet.

We then moved back into the greenhouse to follow the path and visit more butterflies. Both toddlers loved walking over the little bridge and looking at the streams. We were lucky to see the new resident iguana who was perching on a statute looking over us. There are lots of colourful plants and feeding areas which were an ideal place to see the butterflies fairly still so the little ones could get a good look at them. I would recommend walking around a couple of times if you are able to in order to really take it in.

Once we had finished in the greenhouse we decided to pay a visit to the new outdoor cafe which served a range of hot drinks, milkshakes and cakes. We all opted for milkshakes with cream and marshmallows at a cost of £2.50. These were really big milkshakes so I tried (unsuccessfully) to share mine with Sienna. However she clearly enjoyed her first taste of milkshake as I did not see it again

Enjoying a milkshake

We visited with our friends and had a group of two adults, two children and two toddlers in pushchairs. This is a really popular attraction and we visited about 10:30 during the school holidays when the centre was relatively quiet compared to later in the day. Therefore it was quite getting around with the pushchairs and also letting the toddlers have a walk around too. As we left about an hour later, it was getting really busy with a queue forming to get in which would have made this more difficult. If you can I would plan a visit outside the school holidays but during quieter periods.


Seniors and Students£6.75
Children 3-16 Years (under 3’s free)£6.25
Family (2 adults & 2 children)£22.50
Extra child with a family ticket£4.05

Prices correct at April 2018

For more information including opening times see their website here

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