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23rd January 2021

Review: The Little Big Town

We first noticed news of The Little Big Town in Stourport on Severn before they opened when they were posting pictures of the wonderful murals on the walls. If you follow my blog, you will know that we love a role play centre and always make sure we pay a visit to any new ones in the area.

The Little Big Town had been open a couple of months when me and my three year old paid a visit just after the schools had gone back. We pre-booked in advance online using the booking system on their website and turned up just before our allotted time. It is worth noting that before the allotted timeslot you need to queue outside the door on the pavement which can be a little busy if there are a few buggies or kids. The queue did go down really quick once the door opened and your name was checked off.

The Little Big Town has a small café area near the entrance where some people left their items but there is also a shoe rack and coat rack to store your things. It is fairly small but there is room for a few buggies. Once everyone had come in, the gate was shut meaning we could all play securely with no risk of escapees.

The role play area on first impressions is cosy, clean and tidy. I am unsure whether it was fully booked when we visited (there were only 2 tickets left when we booked) but it never felt crowded or that we were on top of each other.

My little lady made a beeline for the fire engine to start. She loved that there was a hose where you could put out the fire after she drove to the emergency. Right next to the Fire Engine is the police station, this mummy was put in prison quite a number of time (I am not sure what I had done to be so naughty 🙂 ).

Once I had been released from prison, we were allowed to pop into the supermarket and buy some fish, butter and other essential items. The big kid in me loved that the till beeps when you scanned things and there was a chip and pin machine. This area was great for my little girl (who is not always the best at interacting with others) to play with other children who were the shopkeeper and their assistant.

We then popped into our “taxi” and headed “home” stopping to admire the flowers at the neighbouring houses on the way (sadly no-one was home). Home included all the essentials from a sofa, kitchen, cleaning equipment and baby to care for. The washing machine was complete with clothing to keep us busy. After such a hectic morning, this mummy had a sit down whilst my little lady “cooked” me dinner from the food she got at the supermarket – it was super yummy 🙂 .

It was soon time to head out again, and it was back to prison for mummy. However we did have time to post a letter first at the local post office. Once I secured released again I had to help put our another fire before it was time to go to the farm to dig up some crops and get our fresh eggs. Then, it was prison again for mummy (yes I must have been a very naughty girl).

For those with younger toddlers or babies there is a separate gated area with baby bouncers and other fun items.

We were here over lunchtime so made time for a quick bite to eat. The prices are very reasonable for a place like this and my toastie hit the spot. The little one had a children’s lunch with a sandwich plus a few options. In hindsight, this did stop valuable play time and maybe next time I’ll get some extra time on the parking and pop to one of the many cafes in Stourport after we have finished our fun.

The session finished all too soon after an hour and a half ending with a story picked by one of the children. It was then time to leave so they could clean up for the next batch of children looking for fun.

There is so much here despite on first impressions thinking that we would soon get around all the sections – don’t be deceived – there is more than enough. It is all so clean and tidy with working functional items.

We really enjoyed our visit to The Little Big Town and were left wanting more. For us, an hour and half just didn’t seem long enough and maybe I would prefer to pay a little more for a longer session. That said, at a very reasonable £5.50, we certainly got our moneys worth. I just wish it was a little closer (maybe they could open a branch in Bromsgrove next 🙂 ).

Highly recommended – it is definitely worth booking in.

Useful Information

Cost: £5.50 per child and 1 adult (additional adults £1 extra)

Location: Salford House 29 Bridge Street, Stourport-On-Severn DY13 8UR

Parking: Pay and display parking nearby

For more head over to their website.

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