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24th January 2021

Review: Umberslade Adventure

Whilst I had heard of Umberslade Adventure (not to be confused with Umberslade Farm) in previous years, I did not know what it had to offer other than camping. However, I saw quite a few people talking about it on some of my local Facebook groups so me and my 6 year old decided to pay a visit.

Tickets were booked in advance via their website. We only booked the evening before without problem but I understand that sometimes they can sell out so if you have firm plans to visit, advance planning is advised. 

The site is located on a long (and I mean really long) drive way and at first glance the parking seems limited but there is an overflow parking site that is also used. There was helpfully someone on site guiding people into a space. We arrived shortly after opening so only had a short queue to get into the kiosk and show our QR code that had been sent to our email. You need to wear a mask when entering the kiosk and only one person can enter at a time (although it seemed to be okay to bring in children if you are on your own). We did see the queue later in the day and it did look quite lengthy so it is worth timing your visit. 

Entry is £5 each but you need to pay an extra £3.50 on arrival for the zip wire. Tip: pay and book your zip wire slot on arrival as these are limited and with the lengthy queues later you risk missing out like we did. 

So what is Umberslade Adventure? In a nutshell it is park full of physical and fun activities such as obstacle courses, zip wires and tree courses. We went on what has been the hottest day of the year so far and silly me forgot our sun-cream. However, you are mainly under the canopy of the forest so there was plenty of shade and given how hot it was, it rarely actually seemed that warm. The kids are really active though so take some water to keep everyone rehydrated as bottled water is available on site with other drinks but like most similar places, their prices are on a high side. 

We started with the small playground area as that is the first part we got to. Here you have plenty of grassy areas and picnic tables. As I mentioned, food and drink are available but to keep this a low price activity I would recommend taking a picnic as there are plenty of areas to eat. The rest of the park soon took my daughter’s eye and we adventured on.

Now one thing my little lady is not is a dare devil. So I was unsure how she would go with some of the activities which were a little more adventurous or higher. At first she was quite apprehensive but within 10 minutes she was speeding over the assault course like a pro. There was also a standard sized zip wire which she absolutely loved (as did many of the other children as this had by far the busiest queue). 


From here, we went to the tree course. Here is a path a short height of the floor (low enough to fall off without any problem) which had various activities like beams, stepping swings and climbing walls. Again, at first there were a few nerves before I was sent over to sit down whilst my little lady was keeping clear of the “lava”. This area does have some blind spots if you are sat down so it is worth being aware of these as even keeping an eye out, sometimes kids tend to blend in with each other from a distance and there were a few occasions I had to take a closer check. 

We actually spent nearly all our time in these areas and I had to bribe my girl to go and have a walk on the nature trail up to the den building. The trail is quite short by the den building is the attraction here. There is another picnic area, again with plenty of tables and lots of dens and den building – some were particularly impressive. Unfortunately our attempts were less than successful but we had fun trying to make these long sticks stand up. 

The last attraction we did not manage to get on as tickets had sold out before we were able to obtain one. The large zip wire is for those aged above 6, costs £3.50 and is booked at the entry kiosk. Everyone going on the zip wire has to wear a mask so make sure you bring one for the kids too if they would like to ride.

On the whole, my impressions of this place were good, especially for the price. However, it was busy and given the nature of the activities, social distancing between the children was pretty much impossible (I understand numbers are limited at present too). There is lots of hand sanitiser available throughout though. 

Most of the children I saw were probably my daughter’s age or older (including some young teens) and I would say the activities were ideal for this age range. There were younger children but it is likely that they would need assistance with a lot of the features. 

We managed to easily fill our entire day there which surprised me as on first impressions, it did seem like we would get around everything quite quickly. What I had under-estimated was how many times we would go on everything (including about 100 goes on the small zip wire). I would certainly visit again, even if its just to get on that big zip wire, as this is a very reasonably priced activity that keeps the kids busy and active. 

For more information – head over to their website.

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