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24th January 2021

School Offer Day: What If I Am Disappointed?

Today marks national school offer day for reception entry at First, Primary and Infant schools. If you are anything like me last year it was a sleepless night before frantically checking my emails at first light.

But what if you didn’t get the school you wanted for your little ones? What if the school you got is different to where their siblings are or miles away? What then….

Well first don’t panic, there is lots to think about and things you can do.

So first, whatever you do, do not decline the place. This could leave your child without a place at school at all and really limit your options. Accepting your space does not mean you cannot decline it at a later time or that you are unable to take any other steps.

So warning over, what can you do.

All over-subscribed schools have a waiting list. You can contact the admissions team to be added to the waiting list of your preferred school. If your preferred school is an Academy, Foundation, Free or Voluntarily Aided school you will need to contact the school directly. Please note that unlike other areas of the country, in Worcestershire you do need to contact either admissions or the school directly to be added to the waiting list. It does not happen automatically if you do not get your first choice.

There is not a limit to how many waiting lists you can join so you can be added to the waiting lists to more than one school if you wish. It is worth noting that the waiting lists operate on the policy of over subscription held by each school rather than by date requested.

There can be a lot of movement between schools after National Offer Day so waiting list can and do work.

Section 3.14 of the Information for Parents Booklet has more information about waiting lists and should be read before you proceed.

You may wish to appeal your offer. It is worth being aware that an appeal will only be allowed if it can be shown that procedure has not been correctly follows so always ensure you put your child on the waiting list of your preferred school even if you also appeal.

Appeals need to be made in writing to School Admissions unless your preferred school is an Academy, Foundation, Free or Voluntary Aided School where the appeal is made to the school directly.

For more information about appealing your place you can email Worcestershire Council at or visit their information pages.

Also give consideration to the school you have been offered. If it is a school that you have not visited or do not know much about, contact the school directly to arrange a visit. Use local Facebook groups or playgroups to find other parents with children at that school to see what they think of it. I have seen lots of parents surprised and end up loving the school they have been allocated despite it not being one of their choices.

You can also contact admissions to see what schools are under-subscribed. There may be schools that would be further up your wish list to what you have been offered. You can arrange a visit with the school and contact admissions about requesting a place should you like it.

As you can see there are lots of options open to you so breathe, take in your options and don’t make any quick decisions. And good luck….

Useful Information:

School Admissions Website for Worcestershire


Phone: 01905 822700

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