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22nd January 2021

Fun things to ask Alexa

If you are like us, we have several Amazon hubs around the house. Alexa has plenty of fun functions that will keep the kids busy whilst we are all trying to figure our way through this home-schooling / entertainment journey. Here are some fun ones I have found (but not all tested) so far. Be sure to let me know of any you enjoy.


  • Open musical statutes
  • Open Lego Duplo
  • Open musical bumps
  • Open the Sims stories
  • Play kids quiz
  • Open what’s the time Mr Wolf
  • Open Gruffalo move
  • Open Trivial Pursuit Family Edition
  • Play The Zoo Game
  • Play Animal Game
  • Play Disney Trivia
  • Forever lasting
  • Boom the game
  • Country game
  • Times table quiz
  • Open lemonade stand
  • Would you rather (family)
  • Toffee and chocolate pits game
  • Song quiz
  • Magic door
  • Escape the room
  • Trivia game for lego
  • Disney hits challenge
  • Harry Potter Quiz
  • Harry Potter house quiz
  • Open the magic door

Multi Activity

  • Open fun kids junior
  • Open kids hub
  • Launch cbeebies
  • Open BBC kids
  • Open kids categories


  • Choose your own adventure
  • Launch submarine adventure
  • Open Easter bunny
  • Open Hotel Transylvania stories
  • Open silly stories
  • Personalised children’s story time
  • Campfire stories
  • Open amazon story time


  • Busy Hands (science)
  • Mental maths
  • Digital zoo
  • Zoo keeper
  • Ask spelling assistant to spell
  • Ask the Maths coach to start the test
  • Open daily word
  • Open Mars Nasa
  • Play Geo Quiz
  • Launch this day in history
  • Tell me a history fact
  • Start the spelling game
  • Ask maths mania to play… additional / division / subtraction etc.
  • Open queen mathematician
  • Open one, two, three
  • Open weird science
  • Open daily dinosaur


  • Kids sing along
  • Crabby Dance
  • Music bop adventures


  • Open Kids Guru

General Fun

  • Silly Things
  • Impossible sounds
  • Animal workout
  • Noisy city
  • Name place animal thing
  • Vehicle sounds
  • I am Grootu
  • I’m bored
  • Start toothbrush time
  • Ask question of the day
  • Play fun kids
  • Open curiosity

For more things to do at home head over to my Family Fun at Home page.

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