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23rd January 2021

Let’s Go On a Dinosaur Hunt

We love hunting down the dinosaur. My eldest’s favourite is the T-Rex – every time we go to All Things Wild (see below) she is always rushing around until we get there. 

If you are as big as fans as we are – check out some great places in and close to Worcestershire to dig up some fossils below.

Be sure to let us know your favourites if I have missed them.

All Things Wild

This is one of our favourite places to spot the dinosaurs. Here you can step through time to see loads of different creatures throughout the ages with plenty of fun facts about each one. You can see them from a different perspective on the dino train too. Pre Covid there was the dino barn with even more dinosaur fun to be had. This one is a must for any dino fan and there is plenty more to enjoy at the park too.

Birdland Park

This is one that we are yet to check out but I have heard good things. Featuring 30 different types of dinosaurs plus a chance to dig up some fossils, you can be the intrepid explorer discovering new and exciting things.

West Midlands Safari Park

The UK's largest animatronic dinosaur display - you will get your scares here (well only a little scare - my young kids still love it). If you like your mammals slightly more modern they have early mammals too to have a peek at in their Ice Age section.

Drayton Manor

Drayton Manor is not just fast rides and animals - there are creatures of the prehistoric kind too. I would not probably visit Drayton Manor for just the dinos as it is quite a small walk through but definitely an added bonus to your day out.

Lapworth Museum of Geology

This little gem is a great for a short pitstop if you are popping into Birmingham. This small museum is free to enter and features lots of geological displays including fossils, minerals and rocks.

Wren's Nest National Nature Reserve

So you may not see any actual dinosaurs at this one but you can pretend to be one by experiencing what the landscape may have been like millions of years ago. If you are lucky you may even discover the odd fossil.

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