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26th February 2021

Review: MiniBrum at The Thinktank

If you follow my blog, you will know that we love a Role Play Centre so when we heard that the Thinktank was opening a new Role Play Centre aimed at under 8s, based on Birmingham we were keen to visit. So me and my 2 year old decided to pay a visit one Friday during term time.

Mini Brum is on the top floor of the Thinktank right next to the Planetarium. It is a big open space with the various sections dotted around. My little one was a little bit intimidated at first due to the size and a few school groups but once we went into one of the little areas she soon relaxed and started to enjoy it.

There are absolutely loads of things to explore linked to Birmingham including a canal boat, a replica of Selfridges (which for some reason my little girl would not enter), a construction site with actual bricks you can build with (plus a big slide), market (the little one loved serving me up ice cream), a race track (getting ready for the Commonwealth Games 🙂 ) and loads more. There is also a sensory area for babies.

We spent hours exploring all the areas, there are lots of little details hidden away and I am sure there is plenty we missed. My little one really loved serving me food in the café and playing on the wind chime.

One thing I have to also mention, strangely enough are the loos. They have big loos and little loos. I am potty training my youngest and she loved the loos, wanting to visit the little loos every 10 minutes. There is even a video you can watch in the mirror about the importance of washing your hands properly. If you are potty training, its definitely worth a visit for these alone 🙂 .

We spent a good amount of time in Mini Brum but there is lots more to the Thinktank to visit. We spent about an hour having a flying visit seeing the steam train and all the “big big engines”, fossils, spitfires and a firm favourite, the water play area (I remembered spare clothes this time too). It was too wet to explore the outside area but did not feel like we missed out at all.

If you have been to the Thinktank before you will know that they had a fantastic role play area with shops, dentist, animation studio and café. This was still open when we visited, although I understand it is scheduled for closure at some point. The little one still loved all the areas, especially calling up people on the phone. However, mini Brum is the next step up and I loved how it is all based on local landmarks.

It is worth noting that if you drive you also have to pay for parking which can be a bit pricy if you stay for the day. If you do use public transport, there are lots of buggy areas throughout the Thinktank where you can leave any pushchairs.

For more information including on how to buy tickets head over to the Thinktank website.

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