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23rd January 2021

Things I Learnt as a New School Mum

It has been a big week here at Family Life Worcestershire with my eldest starting school for the first time and my youngest starting nursery for the first time. From my limited time at the school gates and from my fellow novice school mums I have noticed there are a few things you quickly discover when your child starts school.

Every item of uniform has to be worn as quickly as possible….

…..and then she never wants to wear it again.

So the big one has been really excited to wear a different item of uniform each day starting with her dress and even her trousers (which for my little princess is a miracle). However now she no longer wants to wear any of her uniform again proclaiming it as boring as it is not pink…. (well it probably will be after a few washes so maybe that will keep her happy).

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Her school day consist of pudding and nothing else….

So after her first day I was really excited to hear what my little lady had done. However all I managed was that she had ice cream for pudding (lucky girls). Every day since has been met with the same answer. Wouldn’t that be great to just have a whole day eating pudding (sounds better than my school).

Unless someone has hurt themselves….

Of course when her classmate ended up with a bumped head or a cut knee, then no details is spared.

The stains that come back on uniforms are quite dubious…

… I am yet to identify half of them (probably better to not know). And on that topic, red uniforms are a real pain as you can’t wash them with anything else.

School shoes last two minutes….

So I was silly enough to go for the proper fitted shoes that cost a fortune and fit for about a week. But before you get to the end of that week, they are scuffed to pieces in any case.

School makes them hyper….

So I was expecting the little lady to come home exhausted at least the first few days and go to sleep without much fuss. But no, she is more hyper than ever and still gets out of bed about a hundred times before finally going to sleep (must be all that ice cream).

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I am sure there is still lots to come and the little lady is clearly loving school so far (I am sure I will get a few more details out of her – or maybe get her friends to act as spies).

What have you discovered upon becoming a school mum or do you have any words of wisdom for us novices out there? I would love to hear from you.

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