Family Life Worcestershire
30th September 2020


Lyngo Theatre will be performing their new show What a Wonderful World around the UK this Spring with BBC children’s television presenter Patrick Lynch. The production is a collaboration with the Lyric Hammersmith and the Lighthouse Poole and has been funded by the Arts Council England.

They are including Bromsgrove’s Artrix in that tour and they’ll be there on the Sunday 16 and Monday 17 February at 1pm and 3pm.

This show is designed for the ‘early-years’, a very exciting and new audience for theatre productions. Lyngo have already made two shows for this age group (under 3’s) – Egg and Spoon and Circus Minimus (both of which have done national tours) – and this show completes the trilogy. They are performed ‘in-the-round’ and are highly interactive with the children getting physically involved in the show.

Patrick Lynch, artistic director of Lyngo and co-writer and actor in the piece says; “In these shows we rely on the children to play, something they are very good at and we design the show to follow their play instincts. We don’t try to control 40 children, that would be chaos – we anticipate how they naturally play and build the show around that.”

Previous shows have been about the cycle of the seasons and domestic routines. This show tackles the creation of everything – with the children we create the stars, see the seas rise and life begin, the first animals arrive and the discovery of fire – all in 40 minutes! The whole adventure begins in the ‘Sea of Tranquillity’ with the earth visiting the moon and being put to bed where the children are asked to dream new world up for the day after.

Reviews so far have been very positive with comments such as “one of the most amazing hours I’ve ever spent in a theatre” and “It’s impossible to put into words how beautiful and inspiring this show is.”

Lyngo have been bringing the best of Italian children’s theatre to the UK for 5 years now. These shows continue the long-term relationship they have with Italian artist and director Marcello Chiarenza and composer Cialdo Capelli, both well-known on the European continent for their quality work.

Marcello Chiarenza wrote directed and designed the show, giving them his very distinctive visual flair (he is also a respected visual artist with work in galleries all over Europe). He is best known for his ‘theatre-toys’ which transform and beguile, working mainly with natural materials such as wood and feathers.

Carlo, who studied under Stockhausen has won numerous awards for his music.

Tickets for What A Wonderful World at Artrix on 16 & 17 February are £8 per adult, £5 per child or£6.50 per person for a family of 4. For further information or to book tickets visit or call Box Office on 01527 577 330.