Welcome to Family Life Worcestershire

Hello and welcome to Family Life Worcestershire. Here you will find lots of great things to do locally from events to places to go to classes and experiences.

So a little about me. I started blogging for a big national company whilst on maternity leave with my youngest child. I found this great therapy when I was (and continue to) struggle with postnatal depression. So when the company I was working with went in a less local direction, I decided why not branch out on my own.

I am a one “mum” band who works a day job, looks after two little cheeky ladies and is studying on top of my blogging (yes I like to stay busy). So I do try to keep my content as up to date as I can, there sometimes may be a few delays whilst life inevitable gets in the way. Any income or tickets I receive from this blog (which is minimal) goes towards the content of the site and I will always make it clear if I have received any kind of incentive in my reviews.

I work from recommendations and what you would like to see – so please let me know if you have been somewhere you have loved (we especially love those hidden places run by locals). If you would like to add a comment on a recommendation, contribute to an article or even write a review I would love to hear from you (although I am unable to offer anything other than the pleasure of seeing your name online 🙂 )

Likewise, is there something you would like to see more of – give me a shout and I may do a guide or an article.

Please have an explore and if you know of a great place to go or an fantastic upcoming event please let me know at familylifeworcestershire@gmail.com or using the contact form on this site.