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Which do I need? Plastic construction sometimes unstable, with some buyers reporting broken parts. When it comes to international travel, a health certificate of your pet is required. You must not take your dog out of the pet carrier until you have disembarked. Cavapoo and have taken her with me a couple times and have had the best flights. In the carrier, the pet must be able to stand up and move around with ease. Southwest does not allow pets to fly at any time.

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Legit ESA dogs do help. Now I am going to have to decide on only one or none of them coming with me? Only one cat or dog per passenger will be accepted as emotional support animals. Also, the carrier must have adequate ventilation as well as a waterproof bottom. For European Union countries, pets may be required to have tattoos or microchip. Southwest Airlines does not provide first aid if the pet gets ill during the flight. AAdvantage members earn miles when they fly with the airline or its partners. Each passenger may bring one service or emotional support animal on the flight. It would be cruel to set up laws that discourage people from owning cats. Some airlines will require documentation at the time of boarding. Flying with pets can be stressful for both humans and animals alike. How much you know the most interesting fun facts about Southwest Airlines. When planning a trip, there are dozens of details to worry about. Documentation for traveling with one of these animals is required. We encourage you to contact our reservation department at Southwest. It absolutely must be booked a certain number of days in advance. You could prolly get away with a small snoozer, medium at most I bet. All passengers can carry on a personal item for free. Get Southwest The Store emails in your inbox. How long should my life insurance coverage last? How much does homeowners insurance insurance cost? Also, the carrier was an American Tourist one. What type of pets you are allowed to travel with? This could be a big differentiator for an airline. Southwest Airlines ESA travel policy and requirements.


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Incorrectly sized dog boots will not be comfortable or perform well.
Southwest Airlines does not accept for transportation therapy dogs or exotic animals.
Via the airport or by your local ticket counter.
Additional baggage fees and fees for other services may apply.
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All SW staff was so courteous and tried to make me more comfortable, as well as Wellington, my canine baby!
The decision limits ESAs precisely because the number of people that needed ESAs were a small part of the traveling public but created a disproportionate impact on the rest of air travelers.

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